There is a sure way to absolute misery:

Feel sorry for yourself.

Here’s how you do it:

Remember all the inconsiderate or even rude things your spouse or family members or co-workers have done to you, and continuously rely on those memories to nurse your feelings of hurt, disappointment, or sadness.  Bask in the injustice of the malice, scorn, or persecution others have unfairly heaped upon you.  Do any or all of these things and you build for yourself the perfect prison cell of perpetual grief and unhappiness.  Satan’s great trick is to convince us we have been wronged by somebody else.  Self sorrow invites enmity into your life; and enmity allows Satan to have influence over you.  If you are unhappy and believe others are to blame, YOU ARE REALLY THE ONLY ONE CAUSING YOUR UNHAPPINESS.

There is, of course, another way.  That way, as with all goodness available to us in this life, comes through Jesus.  Only when we TRULY let go of all self sorrow–not holding onto even one little ounce of it for any reason–can we be made whole through Christ.  Are you willing to give away all your sins to know God?  Self sorrow is a big sin.  There can be no place in our hearts for self sorrow if we are to accept and come unto the Lord.  That’s why of us it is required to forgive all men–because it’s the only way we can be happy.  Ask Father to help you give away all your hurt feelings to the Savior.  He can and will take them away.  He can make you whole.

As carefully as we guard against the introduction of immoral thoughts and feelings into our minds and hearts, we should also vigilantly guard against allowing any self sorrow to have place within us.

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