Where can you find the man of God?

“It has seemed good unto the Almighty to reveal to His people, in all ages, many glorious and important principles, through different gifts. Sometimes these revelations are given…through heavenly visions and dreams…The Christians of the first century were continually led by dreams and visions. By revelations given in this manner, they were forewarned of many dangers; they escaped many calamities; and their lives were often very miraculously preserved. The great revelation given to John on the isle of Patmos was manifested to him by a vision. … Having, in this chapter, treated upon several of the most prominent Spiritual Gifts, the reader will be able to clearly discover the vast difference between the religion of heaven, as revealed in the Bible, and the false religions of the nineteenth century…Where can you find the man of God who, by the power of the Holy Ghost, can see visions or dream dreams, or interpret the same by inspiration? …Modern Christianity answers, NOWHERE…All are as dead in regard to the promised Spiritual Gifts, as the putrid carcases, mouldering in their cemeteries.”

Apostle Orson Pratt, December, 1856 in “The Gift of Visions and Dreams,” Spiritual Gifts, pp. 76–77, 80.

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