What if we’re the bad guys?

What if we’re heaping condemnation upon our heads because we support immoral wars of aggression? What if true patriotism involves more than waving a flag and assuming that every time our nation starts killing people in another place it’s their fault?

What if the Lord’s about to pull His protective cover from our wicked nation?

What if the Book of Mormon is written for us, to warn us of the sins that would lead to our downfall?  What if it’s us who have polluted the holy church of God? What if we’re the ones being led down to hell by a flaxen cord because we think all is well in Zion because we’re doing well financially (“yea, Zion prospereth”)?  Who else could He possibly be talking about? Does any other religious group (except the Jews and some of the Fundamentalists) even use the word Zion in their religious vocabulary? What if the vast majority of Latter-day Saints have outsourced their spirituality to the 15 “prophets, seers, and revelators” whom they sustain regularly? What if few of the leaders of the Church have ever had any interaction with heavenly beings? What if few member of the Church have ever had any interaction with heavenly beings? What if interaction with heavenly beings is ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED to be successful during a mortal probation? What if many are called but FEW are chosen?

What will happen if our whole world falls apart? What will happen if Israel strikes Iran, the U.S. (kind of) supports Israel, and Russian and China (kind of) support Iran?  What if the dollar loses a significant portion of its purchasing power over the next several months? Will we pray for the economy to recover? Will we blame other countries, Al Queda, or bad people somewhere else? What will we do when we wake up one day to foreign troops in our country? Will we continue to wish for the good old days (i.e. today) when it was so easy sit around and watch tv and get fat and complacent and prideful because we are something special and deserve better? What if wearing white shirts and ties has absolutely nothing to do with one’s spirituality? What if we’re EXACTLY like the Sanhedrin of old with myriad rules about things that don’t really matter? What if God had a great work in store for you but you were too busy watching sports? What if you really have to love God with ALL your heart, might, mind and strength to deserve a celestial kingdom? What if temple work, like the sacrifices required in the law of Moses, doesn’t guarantee anything? What if the purpose of both is simply to point us to Christ, and that’s where the real journey begins?

What if it’s time to stop patting ourselves on the back, thinking we’re so great, and start repenting seriously? What if you have to suffer all the grief, pain, and suffering your sins have caused the rest of Father’s children if you don’t fully access the atonement? What if interaction with heavenly beings is required to fully access the atonement?  What if we’re really the bad guys and don’t even realize it? What if we’re in for an absolutely SHOCKING surprise when this whole thing is over?

What if.

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