You can buy anything in this world without money…

In 1972 Ezra Taft Benson exposed a secret, powerful organization that purposely engineered the economic recessions that have impacted the United States since 1913.  Through their control of the Federal Reserve, they intentionally caused the Great Depression of the 1930s and continue causing similar problems today.  By contracting the money supply they can slow down the economy at any time.  Because the monetary system they introduced in 1913 through the Federal Reserve Act established a system in which new dollars can only be created through the creation of new debt, a contraction in the money supply will inevitably lead to loan defaults at both the personal (think home foreclosure) and business level.  As the money supply typically grows to accommodate/facilitate/encourage economic growth, and since money can only be created through new debt (either federal or local), over time this group has accumulated immense wealth as they own a significant portion of the banking industry, and effectively control the rest.  It is an ingenious plan.  A good description of their current tactics can be found here.

If a simple reduction in the money supply is enough to cause significant economic problems in our money-centric society, then what we (the people) need is a mechanism to counteract that dependency.  One way we might do that is through the use of bartering.  Imagine a community of people that traded goods and services without traditional money.  They could use prevailing cash prices to establish prices for their offered goods and services, creating their own tracking system to create as much “money” as they needed to facilitate trading.  An ingenious group of people in Greece have done exactly that.  They offer new participants a coupon for system credits to get them started, and then limit the maximum number of systematic monetary units that one can accumulate to 1,200 (to prevent hoarding), and prohibit anybody from going into debt beyond 300 units (to make sure everybody is a contributor).

If a barter network like those operating in Greece seems like a breath of fresh air, imagine what the next step would feel like; a community of industrious, well meaning people who legitimately seek the best interest of the entire group without any centralized duress to impose compliance, roles, or money.  I imagine that’s what Zion will be like.

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