Swears a stream

“I have not an idea there has been a great many very good men since Adam  There was one good man Jesus.–Many think a prophet must be a great deal better than any body else.–Suppose I would condescend. Yes I will call it condescend, to be a great deal better than any of you.  I would be raised up to the highest heaven, and who should I have to accompany me.  I love that man better who swears a stream as long as my arm, and administering to the poor & dividing his substance, than the long smoothed faced hypocrites

     I dont want you to think I am very righteous, for I am not very righteous.  God judgeth man according to the light he gives them.”

Joseph Smith on 21 May 1843, as recorded by Willard Richards. (see Words of Joseph Smith, p. 204)

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